A Guide to Zamość

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Major historical attractions of the town have been put in theme groups and can be visited with an iPod guide.

  • The most important places in Zamość

    The most important places in Zamość

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    The sightseeing tour of Zamość, leading to the most interesting places in the Old Town, starts...

  • What is worth seeing

    What is worth seeing

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    Fortifications are definitely a must for every visitor. What makes them even more interesting...

  • Churches


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    When Jan Zamoyski  decided to build Zamość, he assumed that that mostly Roman Catholics...

  • Famous people

    Famous people

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    It is hard to mention all the famous people who came from Zamość or have visited the town.

  • Interesting places

    Interesting places

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    No wonder that people usually associate Zamość with the Rynek, the Town Hall, the Cathedral...

  • Museums


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    Of all Old Town museums, The Zamojskie Museum has the largest and most varied collection...

  • Martyrdom


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    The Second World War had a very tragic impact on Zamość and the region. In the first half of...

  • Zamość yards

    Zamość yards

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    Once the yards located at the back of tenement houses with their storehouses for firewood...

  • Zamość monuments

    Zamość monuments

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    There are not many monuments in Zamość. Even Jan Zamoyski had to wait for a monument for many...