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Jarmark Hetmański (Hetman’s Fair)

This big holiday takes place in Zamość in June, on the anniversary of granting Zamość a town...

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Photograph Robert Litwiniec


Information about the event

This big holiday takes place in Zamość in June, on the anniversary of granting Zamość a town charter by King Stefan Batory on 12 June 1580.

Folk artists from the region and from other parts of Poland participate in the fair. Visitors and residents can have a try at oil pressing, making clay pots or grain crushing. There are also a lot of interesting products to buy, such as  crocheted doilies, tapestries, small baskets, wooden birds and paintings made on wooden boards or glass. Since Zamość is the cradle of collectors, visitors can buy antique objects, such as old books, postcards, medals and buttons dating back to pre-war times, caskets and coins. Thanks to Museum Mint, those who want to can try their hand at striking coins. The whole Rynek resounds with folk songs performed by regional artists, folk bands and brass bands.  Dancers dressed in folk costumes present their dancing skills and  Zamojszczyzna Song and Dance Group is definitely in the lead. Jugglers, stilt-walkers and organ-grinders wander around in the crowd.

Since 2005 the fair has been accompanied by another special event called Festival of  Local Product Tastes of  Zamość and the Roztocze District. Every year local restaurant owners and members of village housewives’ associations prepare local dishes and compete for the title of the leader in the regional cuisine. The festival also involves shared cooking of a regional dish.

Another big attraction of the fair is enactment of a siege of Zamość Fortress by Swedish troops. A night enactment of a gun battle near the defensive walls and the Legend of the Swedish Table are particularly spectacular. Thanks to the latter Zamość residents and visitors can find out  how the famous Swedish table originated.

Organisers: Zamość Community Centre, The Zamojskie Museum, Local Tourist Organisation Zamość and Roztocze.

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