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International Days of Religious Film. Meetings on the way to one Father. The central idea...

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International Days of Religious Film. Meetings on the way to one Father.

The central idea of the festival held in October is a special dialogue between great monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Rev. Wiesław Mokrzycki is the originator of this non-commercial event which has nothing in common with omnipresent consumerism and the so-called mass culture. It is very ambitious cinema, geared towards discovering the sacrum. During the festival the cinema-going public has a chance to watch excellent feature films and documentaries, including niche film, which deal with religious, metaphysical and existential issues. It is another event which is connected with the multicultural aspect of Zamość: it helps the audience to get to know and understand people and ideas which are based on religious systems alien to an average Zamość resident.  It also helps to find the values which connect people, irrelevant of their religious beliefs, environment or country of residence.

Film shows are accompanied by meetings with film directors and actors as well as lectures on film criticism, film education, religious education, philosophy, ethics, etc. Krzysztof Zanussi is the patron, co-host and promoter of the festival in Poland and abroad.

The festival has been nominated for the Totus award granted by New Millennium Work Foundation.

Organisers: Film Culture Centre "Stylowy" in Zamość, The St. Anthony’s parish in Dyniska, Higher School of Management and Administration in Zamość. Cooperation:  Filmfestival Popoli e religioni - Terni, Italy; International Film Festival – Jewish Motifs, Warsaw.

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